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【Name】: F90LX (3 INCH)    

3 inches full plastic centrifugal filter

     Centrifugal filter (also called sand separator) is mainly used for cleaning the well cement sand. Working principle of centrifugal filter is the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of water, sand and other heavy impurities out separate from the water, it is not inside the screen, no detachable parts, maintenance is very convenient for maintenance. Room sand accretion centrifugal at the bottom of the filter must be frequent washing, to prevent the deposition of silt was again into the system. The impurity of organic matter or the proportion of less than water, the separation effect of centrifugal filter is very poor, only in a certain flow range, in order to play its due effect of water purification. Technical parameters

Technical data:

Filter connector:3 inch 

Maxium flow:50m3/h

Maxium pressure:10bar

Filter accuracy:120mesh(130um)

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